VETTER_HUBER . BRUCH+PÜ . Pu-tin-clan . DJ Wurmbrand
GRILLX - 28.2.19 - 22h
Petersplatz 1, Vienna
On the occasion of the video release of "Feel The Need" by Vetter_Huber feat. Iris Heitzinger on SeaYou Records we are very happy to announce this performance evening - dedicated to experimental, electronic & dark techno and noise pop. We are especially happy about the Club Grillx as location for the installations and performances.

Start: 22h
Entrance fee: voluntary donation
VETTER_HUBER feat. Crystn Hunt Akron - Experimental Proto-Techno
BRUCH+PÜ - Dystopian No-Wave
Pu-tin-clan - tape'n'tt trash noise hop
DJ Wurmbrand & visuals by Sabina Ahn - Acid-Cut Vinyl
Elisa Unger - Video release - "FEEL THE NEED" feat. Iris Heitzinger
VETTER_HUBER - Vetter Huber compresses their unique artistic cosmos by (musically) examining industrial-techno and staged self-performance. At the crossover point (threshhold) to sound art, based on algorithmic programming code – no synth, no sequencer, technology is subverted as an instrument of inversion. On a performative level a disposition takes place that reminds us of new wave and punk without copying or quoting it as a truism.
Special: tonight with the support of the excellent composer, singer and performer Crystn Hunt Akron!! we are very excited!

BRUCH+PÜ - »Just like his big brother Alan Vega, Bruch plays with sonic high explosives: dark rock’n’roll & electronics merged with no wave, post punk and boppy synths in a dystopian and minimalist manner.« – OX fanzine
Artist and performer BRUCH aka Philipp Hanich will perform new material, teamed up for this evening with Anna Pü!!

Pu-tin-clan - DJ Gender Jackson (Edgar Friedl) has been appearing publicly for years with a wide variety of performance projects, visual arts, comics & posters and trash. Based in Vienna with a network throughout Europe, this time he explores in a media archaeological way his analog devices, such as tape machines and old record players in the foyer of the GRILLx.

DJ Wurmbrand & Sabina Ahn - Acid & Tekkno on vinyl - Stefan Tiefengraber contrasts his art installations and noise performances now and then with his activity as a DJ. With a collection of records from the 90s and his rare performances, he has mainly contributed his music to alternative places in Linz in recent years. We are very happy to have him at the GRILLx in Vienna...
Visuals are contributed by Sabina Ahn, an artist who works with sound, installation and organic material. She has attracted international attention with her sound performances and shows an excerpt of her work with the visuals.