Foto: Robert Maybach

[ Studio-Album "PASSION". ]

"Take me" - Flugplatz Laucha
Film/ Edit: Elisa Unger

DIRECTOR: Elisa Unger, Josseline Black
DOP/ EDITOR: Elisa Unger
SUPPORT: Karol Kagan, Eva-Maria Zangerle, Madame Humtata, Gerhart Katzlberger, Sigrid Nagele, Medienwerkstatt Linz

"POISON" - live
Nachtspiel zur Promenade, Landestheater Linz


Foto: Thomas Smetana

"The Vetter_Huber experience is more of a portal than a musical event. The sonic, tonal, and phrasal waves, are one facet of the output of their collaboration. This aspect, the musical one, is unbounded by genre touching and invoking sea shanties, the epic poems of greece and rome, the crystalline core of "the disco" itself, and amalgamated familiar electronic tribalism. As performers, Jens Vetter and Patrick Huber do the work of real artists, that ideal of the artist as the keeper of the collective archive, humbly serving, channeling. And in this way, both beings as we watch them share, not only give us material to internalize, to dance to, but reflect something ancient in each of us.

Relevant here, In the words of Helene Cixous, lets replace Clarice with Vetter_Huber:

'Clarice speaks all languages, including those anterior to Sanskrit, including silences. It is good to live in languages on the condition that they do not lay down the law. When we name in our ancient world, we attribute an identity to the thing under the coup of all laws. Clarice names through love. She dictates the law of love, but she does not all into chaotic indifferentiation. She distinguishes, sees differences, does not ignore the necessity to regulate. She is not into a law that represses differences, but into one that formalizes, that gives form. To name is one of the thousand gestures that once can make toward the other. It is like caressing, looking, silently calling.'

The Vetter_Huber liveness is hauntingly positive, attractive, and necessary."

Josseline Black